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The Year 2013Ö

We were blessed this year with an extremely mild hurricane season and overall great weather! The resort has been at an all year average occupancy of 73% and our renovations have come along wonderfully. We look forward to a great 2014 year and hope to see all of our owners back or at least vacationing happily at various destinations.


All 2-Bedroom Suites have been renovated and we so far have been able to renovate six 1-bedroom Suites and Apex Marketing has taken over payment to renovate a 3 bedroom townhouse giving us an indication of what costs to expect in the renovation of the townhouses the following year.

We were thrown a punch with the sudden closure of the Grouper Grill restaurant in June of 2013 but turned it around and decided to completely renovate it. New equipment, furniture, lighting and decor were ordered and management of the restaurant placed under the care of the resort. Despite having been closed 5 months we hope everyone will appreciate the new facelift and support the new restaurant, Oceans Blue.

Estherís Pool bar has gotten some more loyal customers as Esther has been providing her famous breads and hamburgers during the closing of Grouper Grill.

We have a great local artist, Paula Albury, who has been commissioned to create some inspirational Caribbean art so make sure to see her great art pieces showcased in the Oceans Blue Restaurant.

Our two new activities persons, Justin and Rudy are still vibrant and attentive to make your stay as pleasurable as possible and if you havenít yet met them, you should! They have introduced new activities such as Salsa classes and history of the Bahamas classes that are great fun to take part in.

Date added : 2006-08-30


As expected, we plan to renovate the remaining 1- bedrooms throughout the year. Realistically though, with the consistently high occupancy we believe we can complete another 6 to 8 rooms. Everything is on island however we have been unable to put a room out of commission for an entire month that it takes to complete the renovation.

Although we are unable to completely renovate the gym we have brought in new commercial gym equipment, namely the elliptical and the treadmill. As commercial gym equipment is quite expensive this will have to be completed in stages.

The marina needs to be updated and will be completed throughout the year. The planks need updating as well as the electrical piping needs adjusting.

We are investing in a music system for the Oceans Blue Restaurant to provide a festive atmosphere around the main pool. For those that still like tranquility and quietness, Estherís Pool area will remain calm & quiet.

Date added : 2006-11-28


As many might realize in May of 2012 we have changed our collections and billing services from ES Financial in Chicago to Conrad Corporation in California.

We realize that for many owners it might be an adjustment on how you pay your bills, but if you have any questions about your billing or payments you can contact Contact Conrad directly at 1 (866) 926-6723 or you can email info@payconrad.com.

Conrad has been the primary financial & collections company for entities in the Caribbean and are used by the majority of all active timeshare resorts on Freeport, Bahamas. They are our official finance company for Ocean Reef Resort and will be sending out all mailing.

Please do not send any further payments to ES Financial and all installment & maintenance payments go exclusively to Conrad.

We would like to remind you to use your current weeks so they are not lost due to non-use. Additionally, for those of you who have bonus weeks on your membership, please remember to use them if you choose to, prior to the completion of your contract, since they are not valid once your contract has expired.

To get your best trading power we have already bulk banked 300 weeks into the RCI deposit system to give our owners the best trading power. This means that if you call in September for a week for deposit we can assign you an April week of the same year and you will get full trading power for it although you did not request it 9 months prior as we pre-deposited units.

Regardless, book early for more trading power as 300 weeks that we deposited does not cover all weeks that owners bank so if you do not plan on coming here, bank your weeks early.

Date added : 2006-11-28


West Jet continues to fly from Toronto to Freeport starting November 1st until about end of May for great rates. It has been a grand success and you can book those flights directly on their web site. Sunwing Canada has now taken over one of the main hotels in Port Lucaya and are now having direct flights from various locations in Canada such as Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Edmonton and Ottawa direct to Freeport starting January 8th. Check out their flights on sunwing.ca. We are really looking forward to the direct flights and welcome the Sunwing company to the island! Rumor has it that in a later stage, depending on how Sunwing does, Jet Blue would consider doing direct flights to Freeport from locations such as New Y ork. Again unconfirmed and all depending, but it would be a nice prospect! Carnival Cruise lines are very interested in our little island and are planning on making a water park on the beach with slides and wave pools. We look forward to this extra local activity if they will be able to establish this on the island. Ballearia Fast Ferry is still in operation from Ft. Lauderdale for great rates to come to the island. You can book your tickets on www. ferryexpress.com.
Date added : 2006-11-28


We have a very dynamic Activities team with Rudy and Justin and hope you take full advantage of them! Of course we look forward to your return and make sure you come in to say hi to us in the front office!

Date added : 2006-11-28