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The Year 2015

We enjoyed a very inactive Hurricane Season and a full resort throughout the year. Hoping for the same thing in 2016 along with an economic upturn.

RECAP OF 2015...

This year has been a bit of trial and error in terms of improvements. We have spent a good few months designing and creating a new walkway for our marina with new planks made from aluminum. These planks were installed in November to replace the brittle planks from before. It has been a large but absolutely necessary investment in the safety of the resort and marina.

Throughout the end of the year some of our 1 bedrooms balconies in the main building have had minor improvements made bracing them with extra support beams.

Our gym has gotten an extra workout room to follow the trends of fitness. Mini Cross-Fit stations have been set up in the Aerobics room for core training with jumping boxes, kettle bells, a medicine ball station and pull up work outs to name a few. Activities will still have their weekly step aerobic classes available.
Date added : 2006-08-30


We have been trying diligently to renovate the 3- bedroom townhouses throughout 2015 but have only been able to completely renovate five 3- bedrooms. We plan to continue renovations later in the year of 2016 as we face a consistent 90+% occupancy until August. We will start with 407,408 and then after 410. To date we have completed 406,404,411,412 and 402 partially. Of course if demand requires, other rooms will take preference.

We have ordered kitchens from Europe for our renovation which are high quality and will try them out in apartment 408 & 403.

The Reception Desk will be getting a complete makeover in January with the same materials and cabinets designed in Europe. We will expand the front desk and incorporate a seating area. We may be required to operate for a week from the outside lobby while we retile and install a new console.

Our main focus for 2016 will really be the Townhouses. This will include the 2 and 3 Bedroom Townhouses. In any case, all the couches have been replaced from 401-417, which already has been a great improvement.
Date added : 2006-11-28


As many may have heard, VAT is the new tax that is implemented in the islands of the Bahamas. We are all not very happy about this as all other things stay the same with an added 7.5% included in all service industries affecting mainly tourists and individual local consumers. These new V A T service fees will come into effect January 1st, 2015 and will be applicable for all services and goods used and purchased in the Bahamas. Unfortunately, we were informed that Government wants these fees included to the annual maintenance fees, which you will see added to the annual Maintenance fee billing as an additional 7.5%. Yes, it seems the Bahamas is now turning into a tax country.

We are all still a bit in the dark as to what all will be included as the island has pre-exising agreements prohibiting certain taxes for businesses but all service rendered businesses must charge V A T and even on top of Gratuities! So please be prepared.

"GOVERNMENT OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS MINISTRY OF FINANCE VALUE ADDED TAX DEPARTMENT CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION Tax Identification Number (TIN): 100235634 This certifies that GELTEX, TRADING LTD, TRADING AS OCEAN REEF AND YACHT CLUB located at BAHAMA REEF BOULEVARD 48-59 FREEPORT GRAND BAHAMA in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is duly registered under the provisions of the Value Added Tax Act 2014, effective 1 January 2015. Signed By The Comptroller Dated this 4th day of December , 2014 This certificate remains the property of the Value Added Tax Department, Ministry of Finance and must be surrendered upon request. Note that the said certificate must be displayed at all times in a conspicuous place where taxable activity is conducted in accordance with section 25 of the Value Added Tax Act. It is an offence punishable by law to alter or tamper with this certificate in any way. Please notify the Comptroller immediately by completing VAT Form 19 if there is any change in the circumstances of the business or if the legal obligation to be registered ceases."
Date added : 2006-11-28


We have new employees that joined the Ocean Reef team in 2015. Mrs. Ashley Allen & Mrs. Lavonnia Knowles in the front desk department and Marina management. They really are a great team together and friendly faces when you come in to visit us. For those of you who enjoy Zip Lining, Grand Bahama Recreation is opening up a zip line course near the Stone Crab restaurant on Taino Beach. Age limit starting at 6 years old with different levels available. The owners of Pier One East restaurant are opening up another seafood restaurant in Port Lucaya early in the year where you should be able to get some sushi a bit close to home. It will be located in the place formerly occupied by Dolce Vita. The old clubhouse at Garden of the Groves is currently being renovated to be revamped as a local museum with the history of the island showing the grown of the island in the 1960s, how the island was affected by emancipation in the 70s and the boom of the 80s. The Junkanoo Museum opened up on Queens Highway, which is a must see to view the costumes and history of an important part of the cultural heritage of the Bahamas.
Date added : 2006-11-28


Please pay your bills to Conrad Acceptance directly. We realize that for many owners it might be an adjustment on how you pay your bills, but if you have any questions about your billing or payments you can contact Conrad directly at 1 (866) 926-6723 or you can e-mail info@conradco.com. If you have questions on how you pay your bill, if your payment has been received please call Conrad direct as we do not have the information at the resort on your account and as well need to contact Conrad to get some information such as payments made on your account, etc. Please do not send any further payments to ES Financial and all installment & maintenance payments go exclusively to Conrad. PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT YOU HAVE BETWEEN NOVEMBER AND JANUARY 1ST TO PAY YOUR OCEAN REEF MAINTENANCE FEES.

Date added : 2006-11-28